First Post

You have found the virtual gallery blog of Tom Page. The gallery is comprised of paintings made during the COVD-19 Corona Virus. As many already know, I do not go out of my way to exhibit my artwork, yes, I have a website but my artwork is primarily  a personal journey. These times however bring everybody together in unexpected ways, we are all in it together. 

I will be posting some of my artwork from this period of time we are living thru. The theme is “Life as a game of chance". It is a game we do not enter willingly! None-the-less we are forced to play by the vagaries of chance and fortune, damn any rules!

I will post some dialogue along with the artwork. My wish is that you smiply find some relief from whatever your condition may require, like I said, we are all in this together.

 I will post a new artwork everyday as supply lasts. Many of the artworks are not yet finished. Be well.

This painting was a pre-cursor to the Cornona Blog. It was from a game of yard Yahtzee with Aaron, a young man that my wife and I mentor. He is prone to saying I am a bit dramatic! Dice games go back thousands of years and were originally made of animal knuckles. Yahtzee is a most benign form of chance.

Tommy Yahtzee

Below is the first of “Life as a Game of Chance”. I was sitting on the Plaza of Snowbasin Ski Area wearing my favorite Betty Boop "dew rag” two days before the lifts shut down because of the virus.  Skiing is a risk sport, I’ve been forntunate in never having a serious injury, really any injury related to skiing. The risks are inherent but mostly visible and predictable.  

Tom Blog UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb 4963

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